24/8 Book Club

Art with a Powerful Message

I had the privilege of receiving a table top book titled art in action nature, creativity and our collective future at the holidays.  This book was published by Earth Aware Publications. It was a very interesting and eclectic collection of artist narrations and their art.  I returned to the preface, where I admit I rarely start, to get some assistance regarding the mission, message and the creators.

I soon learned that this book was a collaboration from two extraordinary organizations, The Natural World Museum NWM and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).  Together these two organizations have partnered to present art under the Art for the Environment Initiative.  The hope is that in sharing artists’ deep sensitivity to the plight of the planet that their art will play a significant role in inspiring people to preserve the natural world. 

Further, I went to the NWM’s site, http://www.naturalworldmuseum.org/ as I wanted to learn what else they are doing besides this book. What I found was a traveling exhibit Melting Ice/Hot Topic was going to travel to Chicago in April. I thought I would hold off on the review of this book for For Her Information Good Reads till then. 

Next, I reached out to the publisher and through our marvelous contact at the publisher, Eileen, I was put in touch with members of the NWM family.  Shortly thereafter I was invited to the private exhibit tour and luncheon prior to the exhibit opening, that occurred last Thursday, April 17th. 

I was moved by the exhibit and the day’s program.  I wish everyone could have joined me for this special day.   The exhibit’s Curator Randy Jayne Rosenberg, spoke about some of the works.  Also, several artists were present to talk about their works.  The mediums are varied and it is suitable for all ages.  It will promote and provoke conversation, there are no two ways about it. 

Further, at the lunch I learned the exhibit has some planned timing it is hear as a bridge from Earth Day on April 22th  to World Environment Day on June 5th.  During this time it is hoped that everyone can reflect upon their impact and make a change, it can just be one change but after you attend the exhibit you realize how important we all are to the future of this earth. 

Luckily the exhibit will be with us past World Environment Day on June 5th, it actually is slated to be at the Field Museum,  http://www.fieldmuseum.org/exhibits/temporary_exhib2.htm till September 1st. Head to the exhibit, bring a friend. Be sure to visit the Museum’s store where you can purchase a copy of art in action if you are so inclined.  For me it all started with a book and lead to something amazing that I would have probably never experienced if not for that book.