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Lisa Daily and Jane Green have fun instore for you today, Wednesday, August 13
August 13, 2008, 6:58 am
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On deck author at 24/8, Lisa Daily, is cooking up some fun with another 24/8 friend Jane Green.  Today, Jane Green will be guest blogging at The Debutante Ball. 


The Debutante Ball is a grog (group blog) of five debut novelists (Eileen Cook, Unpredictable; Lisa Daily, Fifteen Minutes of Shame; Jenny Gardiner, Sleeping With Ward Cleaver; Jess Riley, Driving Sideways; Danielle Younge-Ullman, Falling Under), and a debut memoirist, (Gail Konop Baker, Cancer Is A Bitch).  The Debutante Ball (www.thedebutanteball.com) is now in its second season, and once you visit the ball you will want to return. 


Today is no exception with Jane Green talking about her latest book, Beach House.  Be sure to stop by the ball, wwwthedebutanteball.com today and feel the beach air in your hair with New York Times best selling author Jane Green. 


It’s a ball and you are invited and there is no dress code, you can even attend in your bunny slippers. A cute site with fun posts and great guests too. Enjoy the ball, you will be glad you went.