24/8 Book Club

Join us at SoTish Gallery on Main Street in La Grange tonight

it will be a 24/8 night out.  On our 24/8 events we combine books and authors in interesting spaces.  Tonight is no different we will be joined by Renee Rosen, Kim Strickland and Libby Fischer Hellman. 

Nibbles and drinks will be provided. There is a cash bar if you want something a little stronger.  24/8 Book Club is never complete without you, everyone is a member. Best of all with 24/8, there is never any cleaning or cooking you just grab a friend and come. 

Okay just for the events you might want to put some shoes on vs those slippers.  But when you visit the virtual book spot where we meet, www.248bookclub.com, you can definitely wear those slippers to your heart’s content. 

See you tonight, it simply would not be the same without you,

Falise and JoAnne