24/8 Book Club

Something Wicked is being released for publication today

The third installment in the Gregory Maguire unique Return to Oz books is available for purchase today.  A LION AMONG MEN is the cub that was rescued by Elphaba’s story.  The first book WICKED was the inspiration for the long running Broadway and touring musical WICKED.  The second book SON OF A WITCH continued that story and now A LION AMONG MEN is the third installment in THE WICKED YEARS series.   

If you have seen the stage production of WICKED you should read the book because they are not the same.  Starting with the first of THE WICKED YEARS books WICKED is a great way to return to Oz for those of us that grew up there.  But remember this is a very different tale conjured in the mind of author Gregory Maguire do not expect the story you read in Frank Baum’s books. 

To learn more about Gregory Maguire visit his website, Gregory Maguire.  With release of the new book Gregory is on the move so visit his website to see where he will be over the course of the next two months, Gregory Maguire Appearances. If Oz is not your thing don’t give up Gregory has explored other tales such as SNOW WHITE and CINDERELLA too.