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Meg Cabot in conjunction with Avon are teaming up with Greenpeace Princess Mia whom we have all gotten to know over the years in the books and on the big screen is going to be featured for the last time in  Meg Cabot’s latest book, Forever Princess.  Alas, do not fret, the clever folks at Avon and Meg have found a way to give Mia her own voice.Ransom My Heart  is a new book penned by the princess herself.  As the princess has had so many romantic notions and adventures it is only fitting her new book is a romance.  Meg and Princess Mia care about the environment and that is why they have chosen to team up.  But it is not enough for Meg and Mia to talk about Greenpeace they have really stepped up and are paying it forward by donating the advance and royalties from Ransom My Heart to Greenpeace.  Additionally, if you go to the  Greenpeace website you can find Meg Cabot e-cards, an exclusive Q&A with Meg and Princess Mia, info on what you can do to help, and much more.

PS According to Meg’s website, Princess Mia will continue to blog even though she is not going to be the subject of a book. 


Live in Memphis and have girls that love Meg Cabot
June 15, 2008, 10:28 am
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This is an event you should not miss.  One day two different ways to see Meg.  First is a fashion show sponsored by Justine girls magazine.  It is in conjunction with Macy’s so there will be food, Meg and a fashion show too.    This is $20/per person. 

The second event is a book signing and this one is free.  It takes place at Davis-Kid bookstore with a fashion show by Sachi a local clothing store.  

Both events sound like so much fun.  So if you live in the area or know families that do please contact them with the details.  Go to this link for more: