24/8 Book Club

If the rain washed out your plans to join us last night
September 5, 2008, 8:02 pm
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you missed a terrific evening.  SoTish prepared food delights that set the tone as we all worked to dry off and just relax after tearing our hands from the steering wheel of our cars.  But once in, feed and dry the evening just took off thanks to our fabulous authors.

Libby Fischer Hellman, Renee Rosen and Kim Strickland answered questions and shared parts of themselves with our guests that created the basis for a very intimate and extremely fun night out.  I am sorry for anyone that missed it.

To everyone that came out last night thank you so much for your presence.  To Augie from Centuries and Sleuths, who spent the evening with us and provided books that were flying off the table, we are always happy to have you along for the journey.  To our SoTishfamily we are humbled.  Oh and lets not forget those that made the goodie bags heavy and over the top: Veni Vidi Val, The Papery, Office Max, Dining Out Magazine and Melissa Budak.

Stay tuned for the next 24/8 night out, we are cooking up something as I type this.


Join us at SoTish Gallery on Main Street in La Grange tonight

it will be a 24/8 night out.  On our 24/8 events we combine books and authors in interesting spaces.  Tonight is no different we will be joined by Renee Rosen, Kim Strickland and Libby Fischer Hellman. 

Nibbles and drinks will be provided. There is a cash bar if you want something a little stronger.  24/8 Book Club is never complete without you, everyone is a member. Best of all with 24/8, there is never any cleaning or cooking you just grab a friend and come. 

Okay just for the events you might want to put some shoes on vs those slippers.  But when you visit the virtual book spot where we meet, www.248bookclub.com, you can definitely wear those slippers to your heart’s content. 

See you tonight, it simply would not be the same without you,

Falise and JoAnne

Don’t forget to join us tomorrow night at SoTish in La Grange

for our anniversary authorbration we are featuring three women authors in three very different genres.  We are joined by , Libby Fischer Hellman (mystery), Renee Rosen (coming of age/novel/adult memoir) and Kim Strickland (chick lit).

There will be food and drink served, cash bar too and we will be visiting with the authors and asking them about this and that.  Best of all there is no cooking or cleaning at your house involved.  We do not require advance reading at 24/8 events ever but we hope to inspire you to pick up a book or two while you are there. 

We hope to see you there,

Falise and JoAnne