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Lisa Daily and Jane Green have fun instore for you today, Wednesday, August 13
August 13, 2008, 6:58 am
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On deck author at 24/8, Lisa Daily, is cooking up some fun with another 24/8 friend Jane Green.  Today, Jane Green will be guest blogging at The Debutante Ball. 


The Debutante Ball is a grog (group blog) of five debut novelists (Eileen Cook, Unpredictable; Lisa Daily, Fifteen Minutes of Shame; Jenny Gardiner, Sleeping With Ward Cleaver; Jess Riley, Driving Sideways; Danielle Younge-Ullman, Falling Under), and a debut memoirist, (Gail Konop Baker, Cancer Is A Bitch).  The Debutante Ball (www.thedebutanteball.com) is now in its second season, and once you visit the ball you will want to return. 


Today is no exception with Jane Green talking about her latest book, Beach House.  Be sure to stop by the ball, wwwthedebutanteball.com today and feel the beach air in your hair with New York Times best selling author Jane Green. 


It’s a ball and you are invited and there is no dress code, you can even attend in your bunny slippers. A cute site with fun posts and great guests too. Enjoy the ball, you will be glad you went. 


Jane Green ended her book tour on July 1st

For those of you lucky enough to have been to one of her events, we are sooooo jealous.  They sound like alot of fun.  Jane we hope the next book tour will bring you closer to us in Chicago.

Her new book Beach House is perfect for a summer read.  According to her blog it seems to be mirroring her recent purchase of a beach house, http://www.janegreen.com/  Is it art imitating life or life imatating art? 

If you did not get to meet Jane. plan to pick up her latest Beach House or if you missed Second Chances that is now out in paperback.  You can go to Jane’s site and find out how to receive a bookplate if you like an autographed gift or plan to give one of her books as gift.

We are so proud to have Jane in the 24/8 family of authors that have graced our booktaurant, www.248bookclub.com and we hear she may be be joining us again.

One of our own, fabulous author Jane Green
April 15, 2008, 11:12 pm
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will be in NYC appearing at The Triad on April 21 and 22nd.   If that is not enough she will be joined by a host of other fun contributors to the event entitled , Afterbirth stories you won’t read in Parents Magazine.  The Triad features all types of events so it is a place you should check out if you are in the city or planning a visit,  To see more information about this event and other Triad events go to, www.triadnyc.com

What is next for Oil & Vinegar
October 27, 2007, 10:09 pm
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For those of you following along with the 24/8 Book Club featured reads we are going to be featuring Jane Green’s Swapping Lives.  It is also our first book to be reviewed not only by JoAnne and myself but also our first guest book club. 

Our luck our first book club takes the summer off so JoAnne and I have been anxiously awaiting for this to happen. We hope it is the start of another chapter in the 24/8 world. 

Just goes to show you that book clubs come in all shapes and sizes and this group decided not to worry about the difficulties in pleasing everyone over the summer months they just take the summer off. We love this concept but glad they are back at the drawing board. 

We hope you will join the fun and send us a note if your book club would be interested or you are just a solo reader and would like to do a review.  It is fun you should try it sometime.