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Stephanie Kallos has a second book SING THEM HOME
January 9, 2009, 9:32 am
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Stephanie’s first book BROKEN FOR YOU which was her debut novel and a Today Show Book Club pick.  This is her second novel and she is being compared to a cross between John Irving and Anne Tyler for her characters featured in her books.

 She is embarking on a nationwide tour and chances are she will be in your neck of the woods. It is important to support your favorite and authors that could become your favorites and not to mention the bookstores that host them. To view the tour details visit, http://www.stephaniekallos.com/calendar/dates.list.html.

SING THEM HOME was inspired by a childhood experience with a tornado.  In this story the Jones family survives a terrible tornado tragedy but they loose their mother in this weather event.  Visit small town Emlyn Springs, Nebraska, and meet the Jones children whose lives have been undone by this disaster.