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40th Anniversary of the Booker Prize

For each of the past 40 years, The Prize has recognized the best novel written in English, from either the Commonwealth of Nations or the Republic of Ireland.  Don’t forget to check out the past honorees as there might be an author that is new to you, or it might spark a reading list for this summer.  Or it just might remind you of a favorite that you want to find on your bookshelf to read again. 

The award is now referred to as the Man Booker prize to avoid any confusion if you want to learn more about it.  For planned anniversary events and news and to see what other media sources are doing to mark the anniversary go to, http://www.themanbookerprize.com/prize/booker40

Our friends at Abe Books are having you vote for your favorite, http://www.abebooks.com/docs/Community/Featured/booker-prize-winners08.shtml?cm_ven=nl&cm_cat=nl&cm_pla=cme-booker&cm_ite=booker-winners.  They also have a quick list of the past winners you can view on the right hand side column of this web page.