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Stephanie Kallos has a second book SING THEM HOME
January 9, 2009, 9:32 am
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Stephanie’s first book BROKEN FOR YOU which was her debut novel and a Today Show Book Club pick.  This is her second novel and she is being compared to a cross between John Irving and Anne Tyler for her characters featured in her books.

 She is embarking on a nationwide tour and chances are she will be in your neck of the woods. It is important to support your favorite and authors that could become your favorites and not to mention the bookstores that host them. To view the tour details visit, http://www.stephaniekallos.com/calendar/dates.list.html.

SING THEM HOME was inspired by a childhood experience with a tornado.  In this story the Jones family survives a terrible tornado tragedy but they loose their mother in this weather event.  Visit small town Emlyn Springs, Nebraska, and meet the Jones children whose lives have been undone by this disaster. 

Fans of Sesame Street that live on the east coast
January 7, 2009, 2:49 pm
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you are in for a treat.  Author Michael Davis a television insider tells the story of Sesame Street in his new book STREET GANG.  Whoever thought of this adorable title deserves a raise. 

Michael is touring on the East Coast in January so you can come out and hear his engaging and entertaining stories . While there you will definitely want to pick up a copy of the book for yourself or anyone that grew up with these adorable and lovable puppets in their lives.   Sesame Street celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2009 so there are many of us out there that were influenced by this special street and the brilliant individuals that brought it to PBS. 

To view Michael Davis’s schedule of appearances go to this link: http://us.penguingroup.com/nf/Events/EventSearchProc/1,,sapid_1000008689,00.html.

Can you tell me how to get how to get to Sesame Street….

THE LACE READER is featured at 24/8 Book Club
January 4, 2009, 2:58 pm
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See what we are reading at 24/8 Book Club. Just finished sending our reviews over for posting this week and have fun Q & A with the first time Author Brunonia Barry in The Dish and Author’s Spotlight features.  Don’t forget to check out the Party Room where thanks to HarperCollins we were able to have a book club read with us and share their thoughts on this book. 

We are working on selecting our next feature at 24/8 so stay tuned.

USA Today list of the best books of 2008
January 2, 2009, 2:28 pm
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See if those on list are titles you have read or if you agree with their selections, http://www.usatoday.com/life/books/2008-12-17-meyer-10-picks_N.htm?csp=34.  Many of the  best of lists posted include the same titles by the same authors but there is always one pearl that is unique to each list so keep looking.

USA Today posts lists of the best books of 2008
January 2, 2009, 2:28 pm
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See if those on list are titles you have read or if you agree with their selections, http://www.idealbite.com/chicago/today. Many of the lists post the same titles by the same authors but there is always one peral that is unique to each list so keep looking.

Happy 2009 to Book Lovers Everywhere
January 1, 2009, 11:33 pm
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There are already a slew of great reads out there so lets get busy.  Remember, we want to hear from you as we will be posting  24/8 Book Club best reads of 2008 on the site from those we have heard from during the month.  Looking forward to sharing your favorite reads.

Happy New Year

Falise and JoAnne

Best of 2008 Books from Barnes and Noble
December 30, 2008, 9:49 am
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It is enjoyable to check out the best of  book lists from sources all over.  As 2008 is drawing to a close we will be able to view more of these lists. Nice to see reads you would place on the list and then to discover new treasures you have somehow missed.

Barnes is sharing their favs in a number of categories that present something for everyone.  Some of the categories are:  Best Life Story, Favorite Haunting Historicals, and Best Stories on the Edge.

Once you visit this page you will be drawn in to check out the links to learn more about the featured books. So visit this link when you have the time to be absorbed, http://www.barnesandnoble.com/collection/list.asp?r=1&PID=20800.

Oprah has listed books on the O holiday gift list
December 21, 2008, 3:13 pm
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Oprah has done so much for the book world and we hope that she continues to do so for years to come. In her December issue of O she lists five books among her O List choices. The books are: STILLNESS S SPEAKS and A NEW EARTH both by Eckhart Tolle; TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD by Harper Lee; THE BLUEST EYE by Toni Morrison and THE STORY OF EDWARD SAWTELLE by David Wroblewski that has been topping all of the best of ’08 lists.

Thanks Oprah, a book is a great price point and it makes a great stocking stuffer too.

Happy Holidays!

Janet Evanovich Provides us a treat for ’09
December 19, 2008, 7:19 am
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PLUM SPOOKY will be released on January 6th and Janet will be makeing several appearances at Barnes and Nobles to sign her book. If you live in Tampa, Nashville or Charleston or nearby be sure to come out to come out and pick up your autographed copy of the latest in the Stephanie Plum series. Here is the schedule:

January 6th –Tampa
Barnes and Noble
11802 N. Dale Mabry Highway
Tampa, FL
6 p.m. Signing

January 7th –Nashville
2501 West End
Nashville, TN
6 p.m. Signing

January 8th –Charleston
Barnes and Noble
1716 Towne Centre Way
Mt. Pleasant, SC
6 p.m. Signing

This is a belongs to the between the numbers series. All are enjoyable but why not just continue with the numbers, why the in between? Who cares, right? The series is so much fun, I am always delighted with each installment. But I am finally approaching current releases and that makes me sad. So if the in between books means they come more often because they are shorter then so be it.

To keep up on the comings and goings of Janet Evanovich viist her site, http://www.evanovich.com/index.html.  For fans of Stephanie Plum there is a cute 12 Days of Christmas video posted there. 


1/2 of the 24/8 Book Club Team

HarperCollins is cleaning out the book closets and
December 17, 2008, 7:55 am
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you can really haul in the books if you win one of the six prize packages. The sweepstakes is easy and while you do have to sign up you can opt out of any further emails.

Why not find out about future book promotions?  These wonderful folks at Harpers are embracing the internet and always have a fun way to give you books.