24/8 Book Club

People Magazines sponsors Family storyteller this Saturday

in Walnut Creek, CA.  Author and artist Todd Parr will be featured at Barnes & Noble at 1149 S. Main St. at 1:00 pm to read from his upcoming book THE I LOVE YOU BOOK.  This book will not be available till next year so it is truly a sneak peek. 

It is always a great treat to meet an author but on Saturday you and your children or borrowed children can hear Todd read his new book with is a double scoop.  There will be many other Todd Parr books on sale as there over 2o in print. 

Your children might be familiar with his TV show as well so instead of dragging them to the bookstore you might find they are going to drag you Mom.  To learn more about Todd you can visit his site, http://www.toddparr.com/todd/.


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