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24/8 sends heart felt condolences to the family of Randy Pausch
August 7, 2008, 2:40 pm
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This quiet, yet distinguished man went from being a professor, dad and husband to a celebrity courtesy of the traditional “Last Lecture”, delivered at Carnegie Mellon University last September. In Pausch’s case this was to be his last lecture as he had just found out that he had but a few months to live. 

Pausch, a professor in computer science at Carnegie Mellon, delivered his lecture to a full house.  He had a special audience in mind when deliverying this lecture, his children, he hoped they would view this one day.  Instead, 10 million people across the world viewed it courtesy of its being posted on the internet. 

Enter journalist, Jeffrey Zaslow who collaborated with Randy Pausch to expand the “Last Lecture” into a book with the same name.  So many of us have read the book and many more will.  Thank you Randy for sharing of yourself, especially at a very private time in your life.  You have taught us so much by your actions, strength and grace. 

To Randy’s family, our deepest sympathies are extended at this time.


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