24/8 Book Club

Jane Green ended her book tour on July 1st

For those of you lucky enough to have been to one of her events, we are sooooo jealous.  They sound like alot of fun.  Jane we hope the next book tour will bring you closer to us in Chicago.

Her new book Beach House is perfect for a summer read.  According to her blog it seems to be mirroring her recent purchase of a beach house, http://www.janegreen.com/  Is it art imitating life or life imatating art? 

If you did not get to meet Jane. plan to pick up her latest Beach House or if you missed Second Chances that is now out in paperback.  You can go to Jane’s site and find out how to receive a bookplate if you like an autographed gift or plan to give one of her books as gift.

We are so proud to have Jane in the 24/8 family of authors that have graced our booktaurant, www.248bookclub.com and we hear she may be be joining us again.


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