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J.A. Konrath has a new release on July 8th

An author and friend to the 24/8 community, J.A. Konrath, has a new book coming out on July 8th.  Fuzzy Navel is the 5th installment of his Lt. Jacqueline “Jack” Daniels beloved series. 

If you are wondering about the title and the drink reference, well it follows a theme established in the first four novels in the series: WHISKEY SOUR, BLOODY MARY, RUSTY NAIL, and DIRTY MARTINI.  These books are available in paperback, hardcover, and on audio.

If you want to meet J.A. and pick up a signed copy of Fuzzy Navel or all of the Jack Daniels series check his website www.JAKonrath.com regularly to see where he will be.  His travels take him through Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan.  He is often accused of being the hardest working writer in the business and that is by other authors, so come out and show your support.  

By the way, the sixth novel in the series Cherry Bomb is due out next year.  J.A. has made a great offer to those of you out there that like to read and review books.  Write a review of FUZZY NAVEL and put it someplace where people can read it, and you’ll be thanked in the acknowledgments of CHERRY BOMB, and he is serious.   Just email the link to your review (if you’ve already reviewed it, please send me the link again) and you’ll be entered in a contest.  Additionally, ten lucky winners, will receive free signed stuff and one will actually get a night out with J.A.  We can definitely vouch for how adorable and entertaining he is. 


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