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The Wednesday Letters is the next book
February 21, 2008, 10:16 am
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the 24/8 book club will be reading. This story seemed like a natural for reading in the month of February.  We can’t wait to ask author Jason Wright some questions and post our reviews and his answers to the site.  We have a book club that read this book along with us too.

So go to your local bookstore or go to the library and pick up a copy of this book.  We are always interested in knowing what you think.  Send us a note or a review and will post it in our party room.


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The Wednesday Letters is a heartwarming story filled with love, tradgedy, conflicts, surprises and a happy ending. This a very quick read for a slow reader. I enjoyed all the characters and their relationships to each other, even if they were on the shady side.

Jack wrote letters to his wife every Wednesday since they were married and they were discovered when both passed away on the same night by their children. In these letters the siblings discovered some very distrubing news about each other and their parents. I believe it was news that was best found out that way, since they had to come to terms with it by themselves and become closer as a family.

It was great that everyone and every situation was happy in the end, then I am able to sleep better, and if my own family isn’t happy, at least I am able to read about one.

This is a perfect book to take on vacation, to relax with at night, or enjoy with your book club.

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