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December 2, 2007, 7:07 pm
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is a book that you might have read or most likely you recognize the title from the trailer you saw the last time you were at the movies.  The movie adaptation stars actress Hillary Swank.

I don’t usually read books that have been turned into movies and vice versa.  When I saw the trailer for this movie I wanted to read this book.  Not sure of the reason, but I literally ran to the store to pick it up.  I was nervous that the book was 470 pages and the movie opens on December 21st, “did I have enough time I wondered”? If you have tuned in before to 24/8 previoulsy, I have admitted on more then one occassion that I am a slow reader.

I am pleased to say I finished the book today and I just loved it, with time to spare. The writing is brilliant and I recommend this read to one and all.  I am so interested to see the movie and can only hope the adaptation parallels the book. 

One caveat: I am usually blue over the holidays and this year seems to be no exception.  While I could not wait to read the book each day, I had a growing suspicion it was adding to my saddness.  I think that it did make me sad everyday but it was also beautiful and I had to keep reading it.  Now that I am finished, I will be sad tomorrow because there is no more to read. 

Many movies start as books that are optioned for this purpose.  The authors are normally delighted when someone options their book.  For a list of books compiled by Border’s that are at the movies go to, http://www.bordersmedia.com/features/bookstomovies/default.asp.



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