24/8 Book Club

Read about a person, place or thing
September 28, 2007, 8:27 pm
Filed under: 24/8 Musings

If you are still not excited about reading or pick up novel after novel and just put them down, why not try a different direction.  Pick up a book about someone you admire. Or what about a destination you have always wanted to visit real or fictional.  It might not be that you don’t like to read but that you are reading the wrong genre for you. 

Maybe you see a movie today or watch a tv show and you ask yourself some questions or wonder about something you saw, go pick up a book to give your mind what it is craving.  Or just go in to a bookstore or your local library and walk the stacks, it is highly improbable that you will not find one or many books that peak your interest or strike your fancy.

 We are always interested at 24/8 in what you are reading, so why not drop us a line or better yet start with a comment to the blog. 

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