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August 26, 2007, 11:38 pm
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We feel alittle like Noah and Team Blonde was the ark.  Thursday night was the date of our recent 24/8 event.  It was a great event just alittle tempered by the weather.  If you live in Chicago you remember that day.  And believe it or not the event went on and those that came risking life and limb and soaking wet deserve our gratitude. 

We hope everyone had a great evening, we did!  We are looking forward to doing it again because we know so many were rained out.  A great thanks to our authors that braved the elements to join us. 

To Stacey, Cara and Laura our guests of honor we love you guys and thank you for being such great sports.  Team Blonde, www.teamblonde.com, our hostesses with the mostesses, it was amazing and we can only hope you will invite 24/8 back for another great evening.  There were so many other special contributors we must thank them all.  La Piazza, http://www.piazzacafe.com/, supplied the food and delicacies for the evening. House Red, www.house-red.com,  was there with a Spanish red and french blush that were much needed for those that were soaked not to mention Tara herself being soaked.  Augie what can we say, you braved a night of torential rain to be amongst the 24/8 proprietors and their beavy of beauties in order so that we could have books for signing.  Centuries and Sleuths, http://www.centuriesandsleuths.com/NASApp/store/IndexJsp, is not just the greatest mystery, history and biography bookstore in town but the bookstore with the greatest heart and soul.  Brown Cow, www.browncowicecream.com, capped off the night with the perfect little sundaes, there was not a lip in the room left untouched by hot chocolate, thank you Connie. 

And you might think that is it but that is not it.  Two Fish Art Glass, http://www.twofishartglass.com/ckshop.php?category=10, supplied us with the grand prize of the evening.   Chix With Stix, http://www.chixwithstixknitting.com/, provided us with another wonderful prize for the evening.  Todd and Holland Teas, http://www.todd-holland.com/, went crazy to make the goodie bags very special with a sample of Morning Dew tea.  Ferrara Pan, www.ferrarapan.com, provided us Lemonheads for the road, don’t forget them when thinking about Halloween candy this year.  Krenek’s Antiques and Forest Park Emporium were part of the goodie bags too.

We also had several copies of C.A. Beaton’s A Rather Lovely Inheritance to give away.  This is the book currently featured on the 24/8 website, www.248bookclub.com. And we also had several copies of agnes and the hit man by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer. Those kids will be at Anderson’s, http://www.andersonsbookshop.com/events.php in Naperville on Monday, August 27th at 7:00 PM.    And don’t forget to check out the book of honor that brought us together, Everything I needed to learn about being a girl I learned from Judy Blume, which will soon be featured at the 24/8 website, www.248bookclub.com.

To all of those brave souls that joined us on Thursday, August 23rd thank you so much, we hope you had fun and we hope to see you at another 24/8 event.  To all of the wonderfully generous Forest Park stores we thank you as well for making this a very special night.  To Heidi and Jayne “The Blondes”, much gratitude and affection and we hope to do it again. 

Falise and JoAnne


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I was so sad to have missed the event on Thursday. I was prepared to attend, even with the weather being as it was, but the wind had other ideas and shattered my car windows.

I hope to attend the next event, hopefully with better weather!

Comment by Mary

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