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So excited about our 24/8 event tomorrow night
August 22, 2007, 11:00 am
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Just in case you are joining our blog for the first time, welcome and a big reminder to join us at Team Blonde, www.teamblonde.com, in Forest Park for our night of Beauties and The Beads, http://www.248bookclub.com/events/events.asp.

We know what you are thinking, “I can’t because everyone else will be prepared. They will have read the book.” At the 24/8 virtual destination or at our roving events you never have to read the book before you come. It is a night of dishing with our author or in this case our authors: Stacey Ballis, Laura Caldwell and Cara Lockwood, and usually some other surprises and alot of laughter. 

So come out and join us, no preparation is ever required.  But just in case you are one of those folks that likes to know more we are going to be dising about Everything I Needed to Know About Being a Girl I Learned from Judy Blume.  This Judy Blume anthology is a compilation of essays and our three authors are all contributors.

We have events every month so if you can’t make this one don’t forget to sign up for 24/8 news, http://www.248bookclub.com/mailing_list/mailing_list.asp, so you will be one of the first to find out about our next roving event when it is announced. 

It is our desire to bring together our 24/8 community with authors at interesting spaces to give you a truly unique intersection of fun and laughter at each and every event.  We can’t have a community without you.

Falise and JoAnne


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The proprietors of 24/8 did it again. Thursday night at Team Blonde http://www.teamblonde.com was extra exciting as I battled the thrills and chills of floods, tornadoes, the lack of traffic lights, and wild thunderstorms.

However, everything was great once I got to Team Blonde. The atmosphere felt like an end of the summer party. We all got a chance to talk and party with this event’s three authors: Stacey Ballis, Laura Caldwell, and Cara Lockwood. And the dish they gave us was almost as tasty as the treats from the neighborhood hot spots. House-Red wines http://www.house-red.com, supplied a wonderful selection of wines. La Piazza http://www.piazzacafe.com provided scrumptious appetizers. Of course no party is complete without dessert, so Brown Cow Ice Cream parlor http://www.browncowicecream.com provided yummy sundaes.

And, let me say this about the swag bags…..they were over the top. In my bag, In addition to coupons and other goodies, I found Todd and Holland tea http://www.todd-holland.com, Sotish cookies http://www.Sotish.com, and Lemonheads!

Even after I bought books from Auggie of Centuries and Sleuths bookstore, http://www.centuriesandsleuths.com, I didn’t want to leave, so I browsed the Team Blonde store and found some beautiful beads (among other things) and will soon have custom jewelry from the the beads I selected.

When people ask why I like to read, I tell them about 24/8. It’s more then just the books, it’s the 24/8 experience.

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