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More support for writing and underlining in books
August 16, 2007, 9:54 pm
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JoAnne had previously posted about Studs Turkel and the thought of books looking like they have been read with creases and underlined and dog eared pages and all.  Not only did I cringe when I saw a book that JoAnne was reading in just this condition but when I read the post.  

Today, while on the air with Job Talk Radio which I do every Thursday one of the co-hosts Joy was talking about just this topic.  Let me take one step back and tell you that we had Julie Jansen, www.juliejansen.net, on the show as our guest, Julie is a coach, speaker, facilitator, business consultant, trainer and lets not forget author of two phenomenal books: I Don’t Know What I Want, But I Know it is Not This and You Want me to Work with Who? Joy had stated one of the things she really like about her books was that you get to write in them and hearing that made me cringe all over again.   Joy further said she always reads a book with a highlighter in hand and I could only guess what the meant. 

So the message I took away from the day is that not only do we all have different tastes in what we read but we all have different tastes in how we read and what make the experience meaningful.   So to all of you out there who crease, underline and dog ear the pages I will try my best not to cringe or judge. 



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