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Janet Evanovich’s Hard Eight
August 4, 2007, 9:38 am
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I just finished reading the second Melanie Hauser Super Mom book that I thoroughly enjoyed. Once I finish a book it is always hard for me to pick up a new book.  I don’t know if anyone has that feeling when they finish a book but I feel so attached to the characters and storyline and in this case sad there is not a third one to read next.  So picking up a new book and starting all over is something new is very hard for me.  If I do not pick up a book I can count on it can take me weeks to actually decide on a book to read and start it.  I decided to read the next Stephanie Plum book, Hard Eight which is next in the series for me.  I have really enjoyed reading the prior seven books, infact they appeared on a Take Out List previously.  Don’t forget to check out the 24/8 Take Out Lists they are always changing. 

Since I am a fairly slow reader and the Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum books are actually a quick read for me I was excited to see what was next for Stephanie.  I also think it helps to know there are more to come.  I should note that my sister in law and I pass around our books when we share the same interest in a book or series and the Janet Evanovich books are in that category.  However, my sister in law has purchased all of them and comes from a huge family that would like to read them but she lovingly passes them to me which is her first mistake.  But, if she doesn’t pass them to me next there might be some whinning.    

So with enthusiasm that is ususally absent from starting a new book I was immediately greated by old friends and places, Stephanie of course, Lulu, Connie, Grandma and the nerve center of  the Burg Stiva’s funeral home.   But so far this storyline has taken a turn and I am not comfortable with and so the reading pace has slowed.  But I am seeing my sister in law next week who lives in Michigan so I am trying to stay focused so I can leave Hard Eight behind for someone else to get the next fix. 



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