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Illness, writing and a lasting gift
July 4, 2007, 12:26 pm
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Entertainment reporter Joel Siegel died over the weekend from cancer.  Whether you liked Joel, watched him or never heard of him is not important, but he was able through his celebrity write a book of lessons for his young son Dylan in case he could not deliver them someday in person.   

This struck me as very powerful and I went out and bought the book. I wanted to see what a parent and a very gifted writer says to his young son given his diagnosis of cancer.  I thought it was very moving and made me remember my mother’s own death from cancer eight years ago and wishing I had a gift like this too.  Of course I was older when my mother died but I still think of her everyday and wish I could share things in person with her and hear her thoughts.

Not everyone can get a book deal as Joel Siegel did but everyone has the power to create such a legacy. We have blogs and they are in many cases free.  While many of us that did not grow up with blogs search for the meaning behind them, this is certainly an extraordinary use for them.     

If you know someone facing some challenges perhaps you should pick up a copy of Lessons for Dylan and maybe set up a blog for a friend today.  This could be a great gift for a friend and their famliy that is perhaps the most touching thing you can do in a time of uncertainty and loss of control.   



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