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To write or not to write in your book
May 31, 2007, 8:36 am
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There was a wonderful interview in the Chicago Tribune  for Studs Terkle’s 95th birthday.  The interviewer went in with a pristine copy of one of  Studs’ book.  Stud asked him if he had read it, “of course, I loved it,” exclaimed the interviewer.  Let me show you a book that has been read, and with that Stud went to his bookshelf, took down a book, that was underlined, filled with margin notes etc.  That’s how you read a book!

I laughed because I could  remember seeing  Falise’s face  blanch when I talked about underlining in a book.  I think paperback books are part of a conversation,  and I want to talk back to it, make comments, and  remember great lines.  How do you read  your books?


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I treat every new book like a fine wine, savouring every drop. First, I read the front/back cover to begin the journey. Then, I hold the book to my nose while fanning the pages to inhale the fresh bouquet of the printing press. Now I’m ready to drink-up the story, page by page. Ahhhh…it’s delicious!

Comment by SLB

I am the worst culprit of “dog-earring pages” that anyone knows! I am the person that you hate to lend a book to b/c it comes back with food stains, half a cover and the pages all bent up!

Susan C

Comment by 248bookclub

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